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Richard Kostelanetz wrote More Openings & Closings, the second book to be published by Pulley Press.

Mr. Kostelanetz is a prolific author, critic, editor, and artist. Since the 1960's he has written and edited close to one hundred books, including Imaged Words and Worded Images (1970), Breakthrough Fictioneers (1973), Text-Sound Texts (1980), Wordworks (1993), and the monumental Dictionary of the Avant-Gardes (2nd ed., 1999). His essays, poems, fictions, and experimental prose explore the limits of language. He has also worked with various other media, including audio recordings, holograms, photographs, video and film, prints, and high-tech installations.

More Openings & Closings is a sequel to Openings & Closings (1975), originally published by D'Arc Gallery and reissued by Archae Editions, of which Mr. Kostelanetz is the sole proprietor. Pulley Press is very pleased to publish this new book, which reflects his work with minimal fiction and his sensitivity to the importance of the visual element of language.

Mr. Kostelanetz holds a bachelor's degree from Brown University, where he graduated with honors in American Civilization. In 1966 he earned a master's in American History from Columbia University. He is the recipient of numerous honors, grants, and prizes, including a Fulbright Scholarship and a Guggenheim Fellowship. More information about Mr. Kostelanetz, including a more comprehensive resume as well as his Britannica biographical entry, can be found on his website.



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